DSR System Development News March 2014

ESC, March 31 – April 3

The Embedded Systems Conference (ESC) returns to San Jose this year
for four days of technical training, tutorials and post-mortems taught by leading industry experts.
From year to year, ESC delivers a unique and highly useful educational experience
for embedded systems designers and technical professionals
involved in designing electronics products and systems.
DSR will be at ESC – please contact us at
to set up face-to-face time.

Javascript, IoT and Hi-tech Design

Marvel just launched its Kinoma Create – a JavaScript-powered Internet of Things construction kit,
targeting the Internet of Things segment, where it already has a considerable presence.
Marvell says that the software/hardware combined toolkit is designed for
“software developers, makers, and designers” to easily start creating connected consumer electronics and their companion apps.

5 Cents Charger

Before the end of this year, expect to see a variety of new mobile phones and other wirelessly connected consumer device
incorporating NXP Semiconductor’s new Qi wireless charging transmitter circuit building block.
The company expects to have reference designs by the beginning of summer and in mass production by fall with the Qi,
which integrates all the circuits for a 5V mobile phone charger in an extremely small package measuring only 5-mm square.

Bluetooth® Breakthrough Awards. Winners

The overall and category winners of the 2014 Bluetooth® Breakthrough Awards were announced at Mobile World Congress.
The category winners list includes even a 15-year old student…

IAR has the Answer to Runtime Code Analysis

At Embedded World IAR Systems showed off its C-RUN runtime analysis tools
that it claims will give developers several ways to analyze their code early in
the design process and quickly improve development workflow.

Broadcom and Freescale Boot Up SDN

The OpenFlow standards for implementing Software Defined Networks are still in an early stage.
Broadcom and Freescale announced chip-specific interfaces to the current OpenFlow version 1.3,
hoping it might be the first version to see significant commercial adoption.

Cortex M3/M4 with Linux

?CLinux has the advantages of Linux, being stable, reliable, flexible, and secure,
and is also able to run on microcontrollers with no memory management unit (MMU).
This is what makes it a viable and reliable OS for Cortex-M3/4 microprocessors.

New Age Thieves and IoT

“My job is to educate people, to make the internet-of-things secure on delivery,” Povey told Electronics Weekly.
“The first internet fridge was hacked, and a lighting system has been hacked. Preventing this is just a set of good practices.
There are good solutions already. It can all be done today with existing technology.”

Tiny Intel Atom Board

Kontron has demonstrated at Embedded World 2014 two Intel Atom processor boards in the Pico-ITX (100mm x 72mm)
form-factor with a bootable slot for micro-SD cards and an mPCIe slot for mSATA drives.

Back to Olympic Games

Now when Olympic games in Sochi are over, it’s time to look at the most interesting technologies that games were full of.

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