DSR System Development News April 2014

1 Second over 300 Million Years

Since 1999, the National Institute of Standards and Technology has been using an atomic clock NIST-F1
with accuracy of plus or minus one second over 100 million years.
And although that sounds plenty accurate, NIST believes some applications could use three-times greater accuracy.

Retail Site Intelligence

eInfochips, The Kroger Co., and Wincor Nixdorf introduced a new enterprise IT architecture called Retail Site Intelligence (RSI).
This architecture for stores of the 21st century uses ZigBee® wireless mesh networks to integrate long battery life sensors,
hand held devices, point-of-sale devices and video management software into a next generation platform for retail applications.

USB Selective Suspend

“The USB host can either enable or suspend a port/peripheral as needed via software control,
resulting in a marked reduction in the overall power consumption,” said FTDI Chip.

Python for Embedded Systems

Embedded systems world is known to be the most conservative when talking about programming languages.
However, embedded software training company, Feabhas has announced a course covering the use of the Python programming language for system testing.
Feabhas believes Python can offer real benefits to embedded systems because of its simplicity.

The Smallest ARM

Freescale Semiconductor announces a breakthrough addition to its Kinetis mini portfolio with the introduction of the Kinetis KL03 MCU,
the world’s smallest and most energy efficient 32-bit MCU based on ARM┬« technology. The new MCU can easily fit a golf ball dimple.

Toyota Underestimated ‘Deadly’ Risks

A software expert whose testimony led to a guilty verdict against Toyota Motors in one of a series of runaway acceleration accidents said
that the best assurance for preventing similar “deadly” outbreaks must be stronger, smarter oversight by federal regulators.

Green Hill Brings its Security Expertise to IoT

Recognizing that the increasing ubiquitous connectivity of wired and wireless devices also presents a security challenge
that will only grow as what is now called the Internet of Things becomes more pervasive, Green Hills Software has formed its IoT Security Advisors group.

Tracing and Visualization of Embedded Linux Systems

Debugging embedded software can be a challenging, time-consuming and unpredictable factor in the development of embedded systems.
Detecting errant program execution begs the question “How did the software reach this state?
What combination of inputs and timing resulted in the error, and why?” Tracing can often provide the answer.

Ugly IoT

“There’s no Internet-enabled device I’ve made that I would give to a non-geek friend,” said embedded software engineer Elecia White,
speaking at the Embedded Systems Conference at EE Live!

Night in Marseille

Google gives anybody a great chance to take a stroll at night in Marseille.

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