DSR System Development News June 2014

Headphone jack as a peripheral port

NXP has suggested to connect external sensors to cell phones and smartphones via the headphone jack instead of using high speed USB or Lightning interfaces,
because many external devices operate with at a very low data rate, and so they do not need a high speed interface to communicate with mobile apps.

PLL with the lowest noise offers improved RF sensitivity

Texas Instruments has introduced a 14GHz fractional-N phased-locked loop (PLL) with the industry’s best noise performance, for improved RF sensitivity, radar range and accuracy.

Glasshole-free zone

The ability of Google Glasses to record everything around and publish the video in Internet is not loved by everyone.
Berlin artist Julian Oliver has written a simple program that detects any Glass device attempting to connect to a Wi-Fi network based on MAC addresses.
And as soon as the Google Glass device is detected, the owner of the Wi-Fi network can drop the connection with the device or notify people nearby.

Bluetooth Smart Starter Kit

The Bluetooth Special Interest Group (SIG) has introduced a free Bluetooth Smart starter kit, designed to help developers reduce the time it takes to get their prototypes into production.

Marvel believes that ZigBee is the important technology in IoT

In contrast to Broadcom and Qualcomm who argue that ZigBee will be supplanted by Bluetooth and Wi-Fi,
Marvel believes that Zigbee will be the key wireless technology in the internet of things.

Web based FPGA design

Chip Path Design Systems has announced the industry’s first device-mapping tools and IP directory for FPGA front-end design.
Based on a web browser and with no software installation required, the Chip Path portal and IP directory
allow engineers to design, research, compare and select hundreds of IP blocks for use with FPGA devices from multiple vendors.

Embedded Design Show

Last year’s Electronics Design Show in the UK attracted more than 1000 engineers.
For 2014, organiser Findlay Media has decided to expand the Show with a new section dedicated entirely to the embedded sector.
The Embedded Design Show will run at Coventry’s Ricoh Arena from 22-23 October.

Audi’s semiconductor strategy

There are now between 6000 and 8000 semiconductor parts in each new Audi automobile – and one rolls off the production line at Ingolstadt every 88s.

Smart Standards for a Smarter Grid

ZigBee Smart Energy is the world’s leading standard for interoperable products that monitor, control, inform and automate the delivery and use of energy and water.
Utility Horizons latest magazine gives some impression on its key features, benefits and perspectives.

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