DSR Minute February 2019


The DSR Minute

 Thoughts After CES 2019

Imagine over 4,500 vendors presenting new ideas and technological developments spread across an entire week — it really does give a whole new meaning to the city of lights. From continue evolution of IoT and smart home industry to voice recognition and AI, this CES did not disappoint.

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Nordic Chooses DSR & Wins

DSR Corporation and Nordic Semiconductor announce their strategic technology partnership. DSR’s expertise around ZBOSS 3.0 and Zigbee 3.0 software stacks has allowed Nordic to support complex and demanding applications using a single chip solution. This approach has quickly garnered worldwide acceptance and honors from notable industry icons.

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What is Dotdot?

Today, the IoT is much like the early days of the internet, disconnected, disparate, and lacks ability to scale.  With more and more smart devices coming online every day, it is becoming a challenge to allow all of these devices to communicate effectively – this is where Dotdot steps in.  Dotdot is creating a common language that all smart devices, especially those in the IoT, can utilize to help close the communication gap.

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